Series of Perscripta

My first nft collection was the Perscripta series. I wanted to go back to the early days when I started doing tattoo designs as inspiration. At that time I had some obsessions about getting all my inspiration from the sun system and the sun. I wanted to get my first work on nft from similar sources of inspiration, and perscripta came out. perscripta means sketch in Latin. I wanted the series to refer to the moments when it first questioned the existence of human beings and to understand the universe. Like the new story, it all started with questioning for me at NFT. Perscripta II " MantaXR " Perscripta I in my nft collection was purchased by the collectors named Oydo. Perscripta III was just listed and is pending offer. If you want to look at collector's other works Perscripta I Perscripta II

Perscripta III If you want to buy artworks, you have to wait for the collectors to take them back on sale.


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