Ali Dundar " Master of Micro Realism "

-First of all, i would like to start with a basic question , Since when did Ali Dündar got interested in this art and started tattooing ?

Actually since my childhood, i started at 2013 as an apprentice. It started with little practices and after finisihing the drawing classes i did a lot of sketches to create my own style and kept improving myself day by day. My aim was to challange many styles and and combine them in my own style , i think finally i can say i did it.

-What are your inspirations ? What feeds you the most ?

Mostly the cult classics , movies and books. I love to use real and fictional characthers that existing and created with a meaning and express it to the skin with the most realistic way. It is so satisfactory to be able to eternise the memories, photos , designs on my guests skin. Another concept i love to work is animals, i adore their anatomies, reactions and personalities. l love to tattoo their photos.

-You are working with your wife in same industry and same studio, do you get inspired from each other , do you have any projects together ?

I really love working with her, we attend all the events together . She is my inseparable part. She supports me about all and i always give good attention to her advises in designing process she is so good at seeing the points that i miss. Other than tattoos i work on video contents and she is taking a huge part on there also by being the actor and giving me new ideas.

-I see you keep sharing a lot of work of yours , you must be busy . Do you have any interesting memory to share ?

One of the best privileged part of this job is is to be able to hear lots of stories without missing any details. The story that touched me the most was a dogs separetion story from it’s human actually. My guest said their dog starved itself to death because of sadness. Right in that moment we were in tears, this is a love that noone can imagine... It was really a sad moment but we also hear a lot of rescue stories with happy ends , i really appreciate to be part of peoples journey.

-Which artists do you follow and love their work ?

I love renaissance and baroque era, the light and shadow details. About tattoos artists, ther is a huge list but to give an idea Oscar Akermo , Pabro Pedrajas ,Bran.D , Kozo ,Karolina Szymanska , Daria Pirojenko are some of the artists i admire.

-Other than tattooing, what do you do in your spare time , what are your hobbies?

Before this pandemic times , i was creating short stories of my friends and places we visit , taking indoor or outdoor videos. I have a huge music archive to use on the projects i create , i try to spend as much as time to it. Other than this if i’m not in the studio or busy with a story , i have my dog beside me always , we walk around and enjoy the time together.

-We are in a different time , there is an epidemic that affected the globe ,what are your thoughts about the time after all of this ?

I hope we can go thru this time strongly and soon we can go back to out daily life with health. My heart is with all those who lost their loved ones. We need to learn our lesson very well , respect.


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